Althea Burghardt


As an expert in the field of Human Resources, Althea Burghardt, has gained a solid reputation for writing tips and advices for job applicants as well as job hunters. Having a college degree in Behavioral Science makes Althea different from other employment-related article writers as she has extensive knowledge and understanding of the HR industry.

She has written tons of articles that have been providing help to first-time job applicants, career shifters, and even HR practitioners, and professional head hunters. In fact, the articles she wrote have helped many applicants aced their interviews. Her expertise in the field also interested big names in the industry.

Her inspiration to succeed is company. In addition to being a writer, Althea is also working as the HR Department head of one of a Fortune 500 company in California. She is happily married with her husband Michael and has a three-year-old daughter named Jessica.