Althea Briggs

Versatile, dynamic, and quirky, I am tireless in my pursuit of the untested, the untried, and the fight against the status quo. I love to interact with all kinds of people and I carry myself in an expressive and warm manner that ideally sees lots of affirmation flowing both ways. Charismatic and imaginative, I tend to have a well-honed ability to see the world through the eyes of those who do not normally have an advocate to speak for them. I am interested in the potential of others and you often long to help them develop their own aspirations more fully. Ever-inquisitive and appreciative, I have a love of fantasy and adventure and am easily bored by the business-as-usual routines of the corporate and business world. My enthusiasm and energy for finding a new and better way arises spontaneously and can often be quite contagious. However, I tend to have little love for resolving the factual specifics of a case, preferring to work by pure inspiration and bursts of energy instead.