Althea Jones

Student in Columbus, Ohio

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I am currently a student at The Ohio State University studying Hospitality Management. I’d like to be a well-established parties/ events planner. I found my niche in being around people and trying to make them happy. I am said to be a very positive and empathetic person. I look for the ways to make a situation brighter and I seek understanding from others. I try to be optimistic about most things and keep an open mind in times of need. Some may say I’m the life of the party and others say I’ down to earth. I enjoy helping people, it gives me a sense of joy seeing someone else happy. I just try to be myself at all times. Fitting in is never an option for me.

In high school I was involved very heavily in the arts (choir, musical theater, spoken word groups, etc.). I am involved in a number of things on campus as well from the African-American Voices Gospel Choir, to being a scholar, and also a volunteer program to help elementary kids improve their reading and writing skills. I am also very passionate in my religion as a Christian and my walk with Christ. I can do all things in He that strengthens me. If I were to give advice to incoming freshmen about my experiences so far as a First-Year Buckeye I would give these few tips: I. Learn how to take care of yourself in transitioning to college II. Remember that people change, III. Studying is a must, IV. It is alright to say no, and most importantly V. People will push your buttons but you cannot let them destroy your purpose. I learned some of these things the hard way and others were words of advice I’ve given to friends.