Althon Johnson

Personal Trainer, Writer, and audio Engineer in San Antonio, Texas

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You know that feeling after you just binge watched 6 episode of that show you love? I'm hoping one day I'll be the reason behind that binge. The drama and excitement that takes you way from whats happening at that moment and pulls you into that world in front of you. I want to be the creator of that story. The reason why I want to be that is because as a kid I always had a passion for movies and music and as I grew up I did a lot of creative writing, Usually using music to fuel the emotions that I would conjure into stories. I took orchestra for a short time and chorus to try and get a better grasp at music. But I was young and all in my head with the fiction I was always writing. After graduating high school ended up joining the Army, To be honest those were probably some of the most rewarding and difficult days in my life up until that point. But thankfully coal turns into diamond under pressure. I learned to play the Bass guitar while I was in and got into recording, and decided to go to Full Sail for Recording Arts instead of Game Development, then I graduated from Full Sail in September 14' with high hopes of gaining knowledge that you learn by being out in the field of your profession. As the years go by, life seems to flutter like a leaf in fall, falling from a branch. One end, but many different paths and possibilities.

  • Education
    • Full Sail University