Altina Menefee

Altina Menefee was born to William and Delores Menefee on August 2, 1978 in Frederick, MD. Hailing from a multi-talented family, both of Altina's parents have performed on the stage. Altina attended Georgia Southern University, where she studied in Music Education with a minor in Vocal Performance. Altina is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional music sorority. Altina is a talented performer and has appeared in several gospel plays such as, I'm Sorry Momma written and produced by Donna Hodges, When God Calls Will You Answer written and produced by Michael Jones, Appearances written and produced by Sheryl Hudson, Steppin Out written and produced by Donna Hodges, Give It To God written and produced by M&M Productions, Secrets in the Island written and produced by Cache Perez/Sharon Abrams, and The Password written and produced by Dennis West/Maurice James. Altina also appears on an award winning web series called The Lyons Den written, directed and produced by Karlton Clay, owner and founder of Victory Productions and Karma where she received Best Supporting Actress in a Romance in the Rome Web Series Awards. Although Altina enjoys acting, singing is her passion. She is a singer and song writer and performs at various local and state events and is one of the lead soloist in her church choir. Altina's favorite saying is "The sky is the limit".