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Zafar Khaliq

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If you had to place Digital Altitude (DA) in a business category, it would be personal development. Like many new digital products these days, it’s aimed at budding entrepreneurs and billed as a game changer for those who want to make it online. The difference between Digital Altitude and the rest? It’s founded by Michael Force, a former Marine. He’s worked at high-ticket affiliate programs and made a small fortune, and he appears to be very good at what he does, judging from the website and the marketing package he’s put together for DA. It’s flawless, seamless, and a pleasure to discover…I’d say this company has it together in at least that regard.

As for financials, backing, etc…who knows. The website just speaks for itself. You’ll see what I mean below. Think of tasting Godiva chocolate and not caring how much capital they have backing their company…the chocolate tastes so good you just know it’s going to be a hit.

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