Alton Crossley

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Web Developer in Belgrade, Montana

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My Geek Cred: I started programming in 1986 and built my first Point of Sale system in 1992. I got my first email address that year and started web programming in 1997. In 1999 I wrote my first Trojan remover, Happier99. It later hit the top 10 on This gave me some traffic on the project site View what it looked like then:​

During the "Dot Com" era I was a Cisco IPTV Engineer and Digital Video Provisioning Engineer for a forward-engineering lab. I built on a national scale what we now call a Content Delivery Network (CDN) complete with encoding and trans-coding.

My maverick coding days gave me the chance to work at startups as well as established businesses. My years have also given me the chance to work with some interesting businesses like computer processor manufacturing, cattle certification, crop insurance and automotive dealer systems.

Now that I am more experienced I have broadened my hobbies to include more outdoor activities like FPV flying. However, I still like to do crazy things with code in my free time.

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