Nicholas Alumbaugh

Denver, CO

My name is Nicholas Alumbaugh. Currently at 25 years old, I have been pursuing professional photography, cinematography, and graphic design for almost ten years. Curious human obsessed with technology, design, photography, nature, culture, travel, writing, and making a difference. Seeker of creative, explorative, epic, and meaningful pursuits. I freeze time and tell stories with magic light-capturing boxes. My work has taken me to places all over the continental US. I am primarily self-taught, though I have “carried the bags” of a few amazing veterans in the industry. The knowledge I gained from those experiences is immeasurable.

I have done many types of photography over the years, though, I can say with certainty my two biggest passions for this work comes from people (personalities, moods and feelings) and unique and exotic places (unexplored territory, outer-space, elegant mansions) Those powerful and intangible things that elicit emotion and reaction from the viewer. The things that separate snapshots from photographs; things that appeal to more than our sense of sight and encapsulate a feeling to open later and re-experience… to gain visual enlightenment and to share with loved ones. I am fascinated by light and how all colors of the spectrum are indeed unique frequencies of electromagnetic radiation or light. Also, it is fascinating that we humans have the ability to perceive this electromagnetic radiation, which originates from the sun, giving us the sense of sight.

I was born and raised in the middle of nowhere in rural Southern Illinois. Growing up an area without any neighbors with not much of anything offered to do and much less to consume, I learned to be very creative in order to pass the time. Although, oblivious and feeling like I was missing out on things that normal kids got to experience, I have come to realize how important my past was in helping me tap into the creative dimensions that help me to be the awesome artist I am today. Since then, I have become quite the quintessential nomad. Currently, I am “living” in Denver, CO. and I feel that it’s the perfect balance of the city of opportunities mixed with the peace and quite of mother nature that I am deeply in tune with. However, that sense of wanderlust, of being uprooted, has stuck with me since I first ventured out into the world at the age of 16. I don’t anchor my concept of “home” to a familiar physical space – home is a state of mind I enter wherever I’m i