Alva Wong

Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna's Personal Trainer Alva Wong is here to help evolve your workout. Train the way we are supposed to be with functional training. Moving in Multi-plane Ballistic Movement Patterns using your environment and controlling your body.

Movements through every plane of motion are essential to any exercise regimen. Biologically we have evolved to move in multiple directions. If you analyze how muscular anatomy works by looking at most athletic sports, you will see that we are supposed to challenge our bodies in all planes.

Throughout his life, Alva has been extensively involved in fitness and athletics in both the recreational and competitive levels. This has fostered his desire to help others attain higher levels of fitness and performance. He believes that these goals can be reached through a combination of hard work, desire and fun on the part of both the individual and the fitness professional.

Alva is always creating new ways to train to gain that inner strength. The human body is meant to move through different actions and variations. He creates fun exercises that target multi-muscle movements to free you from your boring workout.
Alva teaches you how to live your life to its maximum potential to reawaken the energy inside of you. He has been coaching for 12 years in many different sports to give him the knowledge to help you grow. Alva is always there to help you reach your aspirations and give you ambition and desire to find the next step.

Alva believes the Ignite Performance Training methodology is about training the athlete in everyone via a 360-degree approach. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. The purpose of training the whole athlete is an “everything matters” approach to preparing them to be their best when their best is needed. Challenge yourself to Give more to your athletes, Do more for your athletes and Be more through your athletes!”

  • Work
    • One Life Health & Wellness
  • Education
    • Unversity of Alberta
    • Phyiscal Educaton & Sports Performance
    • NCCP Coach