Al vaafira

Student, Chef, and Writer in Malang, Indonesia

Hi! I’m currently living in Bali, Indonesia. I'm 16 years old but my dreams like someone aged over 20 years old. I'm a student on Vocational High School of 4 Denpasar. I would be Chef, so I will continue my school at The Culinary Institute of America in the winter of 2017. I will make my dreams come true, the first i wan to be Young Women Entrepreneurs in Asia of 2018. The second I want to build a small orphanage in Indonesia. The third I will continue to learn and learn for share to other people requring.

Beside all of that, I like writing. I can make everything what i want in my lettering, and also I Love a Doctor. Do you know, why I Love a Doctor ? the answer is "I don't know why I Love a Doctor, because love unwarranted'.