Alvanny Guerra


My name is Alvanny and I am happy and excited to share a bit about myself to you.

I am first generation to pursue for medicine and to be in college. My brother and I were born here in the United States, however, family is from Tachira, Venezuela. A majority of my family still lives in Venezuela.

I am a undergraduate student at San Jose State University as a Health Science Major with a minor in Spanish. I plan to attend a post-bac program and then proceed to pursue medical school to become a family practice doctor. I am recently unemployed but I have a chance to volunteer at the Fair Oaks Health Clinic in Redwood City, did some volunteer events at McKineley Middle School and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic school. I have also become part of the HCOP family in the summer of 2013, had priveledges to learn from the program and shadow at Kaiser Permamente and Stanford Emergency Department.

I have done events and leaderships during high school and college. I have been a M.E.C.h.A officer during high school for four years and been president/vice president for Ritmo Latino Dance club for two years in high school. I have performed for SJSU ballroom for three semesters and for one semester competed for the Spartan Mambo.

Recently, I have been accepted into the PHE program (Peer Health Education) at San Jose State University. I will be able to learn from my leaders on a specific background and will aply the skills I learn from them to do public speaking presentation workshops, events, work at the Wellness Center at the front desk, and spread the word to the community in our campus on preventable health issues. I am excited to start my last semester in such an exciting program family!

Thank you to a friend who photograph the background picture for me, DnR! Check him out on

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