Olivia A

I am a puppy. When a puppy is just brought into this world most things can be difficult for them. They have to learn how to walk and do all sorts of fun tricks. When a puppy is still with their mom, she teaches them the basics in everything. Then when they leave their mom, their owner teaches them tricks. This is exactly like me. As a kid before I went to school my mom taught me how to read and write. As I got older and went to school the teacher taught me new tricks in writing which is just like the owner teaching the dog. Writing is extemely hard for me and takes a while to learn. Puppies never sit still and it takes a while and encouragement to teach them how to do a new trick. In class I have to be encouraged to learn something new. I am every where and never know what to write. When a puppy grows up and becomes mature they have learned mostly everything they need to know and as I get older and become an adult I will be good at writing just like a puppy is at tricks.

Picture by fortinbras.