Denise Alvarez

I am a mathematics teacher at Minarets High School, a one-to-one laptop/projects-based campus in O'Neals, CA. The two courses that I am currently teaching for the 2011/2012 school year are Geometry and Freakonomics.

Geometry is my main curriculum, in which I try to incorporate many resources to help it make sense to the students. For example students use Geometer Sketch Pad or GeoGebra in my lessons so that they get a better understanding of their postulates and theorems. I also have them do projects that takes them out of the text book and into the real-world.

Freakonomics is an elective math course for the Juniors and Seniors. It is based off the popular book "Freakonomics" by Levitt and Dubner. This class helps the students look at statistics and data in which they are able to see the ups and downs of Economic trends in the world they live in. I also incorporate lessons on real-life financial skills that will help them be more prepared when they leave high school.

Along with teaching mathematics I am the Cross Country coach, in which I am able to share my love and passion for running to the students.