Francisco J. Álvarez

The George Washington University – Washington, DC

Updated: Winter 2013

Passionate about how science can tangibly improve standards of living, especially through basic infrastructure & reliable supply chains, I'm a industrial & systems engineering student at the George Washington University. Moreover, I have long been fascinated by exploring what exactly sustainable development entails, especially for the developing world (which I closely identify with as a Latin American myself).

Although I do weigh in often on policy matters, I rarely settle for political gossip or 'red meat', instead focusing on viable education reform; the role of science in society; reform for immigration policy; economic development; 'green tech' & the renewable energy industry; empowering women as well as civil rights in general; & 'Christian' foreign policy. In short, all the issues that make you a "very boring person" & don't get you elected to public office (I'm a technocrat at heart).

Feel free to contact me as a colleague, fellow mover & shaker, or aspiring thought-leader. Follow me on Twitter: @f_j_alvarez

NOTE: 'Civically engaged COLLEGE student' – as such, donations of frequent flyer miles (for conference trips) but also fresh produce are usually welcome. Inquire within!