Alvaro Julian Moñux


Geographer 2.0

I am Geographer and i am to proud of it. When people hear about our job always ask me questions like ¿what is the hightest peak in Nepal or how many people lives in Bahrein. The answer is always the same; Why must i do know. Geographers are not her for know all about that kind off questions. The Geographers as professionals are here for much more than this: We are here for solving enviromental troubles, we are here for help to others disciplines like biologist, geologist, urban planners, business intelligence etc etc…
If he university gave me the chance to learn technics about how does it wok a GIS or how use the databases to make cartography , the life and my autodidactic capacity gave me a extra motivation for keep learning a lot of thing not only in Geography but in other disciplines not relationated as graphic design or social media for instance.
I´m a creative person, dynamic, fervent and with initiative. I´m only just looking a job that wich give me a chance to show it all these habilities.

  • Work
    • bicycle mechanic
  • Education
    • University of Zaragoza