Álvaro Hernández

Helsinki (Finland)

In my case my life has completely changed after being involved in the Erasmus Exchange Program in Finland. There I have had the chance of meeting a lot of people all over the world. People from different countries have completely opened my eyes and contributed to what I am today. I consider myself a motivated person, reliable, hard-worker, respectful and polite.

Since then I have been in many different countries (travelling and working). To be able to do so, a person needs to be open-minded for the things you will discover in the country that you are going to. It's one of the keys of success.

My first work abroad was at company AT&T, in Brno (Czech Republic). My role was Spanish and English language network support for major telecommunications customers. Repair and maintenance of Cisco and Juniper CE/PE routers, Cisco MGXs. Provision and management of WAN services such as connectivity services (leased line) and Ethernet,MPLS VPN, FR, ATM, EVPN, GMIS, ISDN and DSL in EMEA, APAC and CALA regions. Troubleshooting and technical notification to local vendors using Windows operation system environment. Provision of customer service, including service level agreements (SLA) and technical status updates.

  • Work
    • Network Support Engineer in AT&T
  • Education
    • Computer Science Engineer in Systems (Autonomous University of Madrid)
    • Erasmus Exchange Program (University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu)