Álvaro Martín Cabrera

Student in Rasta Peth, India

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Greetings, I am Álvaro Martín,I am 22 and I am studying a Sound Technician Degree in the RTVEInstitute.

If something defines me isfestivals and music, specially Reggae Music and many kind of similargenres, like Roots, Rocksteady, Dub.

As ireallylike that musical genre, I am also a member in a Association here inMadrid in which we promote Reggae Music Trhow the power of an oldschool jamaican style handmade soundsystem, we are called OrganicRoots, and we call our soundsystem “Nyahbinghi Dub”, we are goingto take part in the Viña Rock festival this year and to the DubCamp this summer, taking the soundystem to both places.

One thing I like from myself isthat I really enjoy languages like english, I have been going alone every summer to the UK to have some morning classes and enjoy therest of the day meetig some people and some other soundsystems of thecity.

I do not have too muchproffesional experience, but i have been the sound technician in ourassociation for 2 years fixing some cables and speaker boxes, so Ithink I am ready to enter in the proffesional scene, but I am also abit scared about it, student's life is so comfortable.

I do not know what do I want tobe in the future but I have a little project which I am going to start as soon as i have every material and time that I need. Thisproject is about handmade music effects like a Delay, Reverb, Analogfilter, Dub siren... very used in the Reggae scene.