Alvaro Ramirez

Discovery Bay

Living my life with purpose fuels my spirit and everything I do on a daily basis. I am blessed to have a great pillar in my life, Claudia, my wife of 18 years. We have two amazing kids, Sebastian and Isabelle with whom my wife and I like to build memories. My goal is to teach them to become life givers and impact players in this great world full of opportunities, risks and adventures.

I was born in the North Central part of Nicaragua where the weather is cool and where great coffee comes from. At age 15 my parents sent me to the US to escape the same fate many of my friends had during the Sandinista's communist regime and the 10 year civil war.

My Dad had tremendous work ethic, which many admired, and seek him; allowing him to choose whom he would work with and what job he would do. Whenever he was home he focused on building memories with us. From my Mom I learned to believe I could do anything I wanted. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I had my first business at age 9, hiring all the kids in my street, my friends to work for one of the potato growers to dig and bag the potatoes. I love the thrill, the passion, and innovations startups have. I get pumped knowing what I do to help my customers have a more profitable business and their success has a positive impact in their life, their employees and their customers.

My current endevour, eHarvestHub gives small farmers the tools to compete against the giants of the produce industry. We level the playing field by making technology easy and affordable. Our goal is to help small farmers keep the profits they lose having to sell to middlemen rather than directly to retailers. Our social goal is to help conventional farmers become more sustainable, eventually switching to growing organic products. That’s why we focus on increasing their profits first.

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