Álvaro Zárate

Lima, Peru

What's up! I'm Alvaro, synth geek who enjoys fitness, composing music, nerdy shit, and going on fantastic adventures around the world. My sense of direction sucks and I'm really bad at remembering faces (so if I don't recognize you in the street it's just cause I'm dumb)

I'm Founder/CEO at Waves, a business accelerator which invests on awesome companies, and City Incubators, a network of incubators supported by City Governments in emerging countries. I'm also Professor and ex Director of the Entrepreneurship Business School at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC).

At 24, I founded Startup Academy, the first pre-accelerator program in Peru, and was the General Coordinator at Lima Valley, the first large startup community created in the country.

Previously, I was Columnist at INCompany Magazine, Course Designer at ISIL - Instituto San Ignacio de Loyola, Mentor at Wayra, Lima Organizer at Lean Startup Machine, Visiting Professor at Universidad de las Américas (Chile), Campus Coordinator at Walden University (USA), Peru Partner at AppCircus, National Expert at Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Peruvian Ambassador at World Startup Report, Mentor at Bizworld, VP of Technological Innovation at PDMA Peru, Co-Organizer & Advisor at Startup World, and some other stuff.

I'm a University of Lima BEng in Industrial Engineering, and I love crazy people. I love being around those who are critical thinkers, that question everything and that are wild fucking fun to be with!