Daniel Alves

buyer and aspiring to be an iOS developer in Santiago, Chile

Brazilian, 33 years old, graduated in business administration and living in Chile since 2009. Currently I'm aspiring to be an iOS developer. I discovered that smartphones and technology is what excites me; in fact, I am preparing to participate in the KeepCoding Engineering Master Startup Bootcamp (http://keepcoding.io/es/keepcodingstartupengineeringmasterbootcamp/) next year. For now, I'm working at Smec Chile as Supply Chain Consultant. Before, at Duke Energy Chile, I was responsable for the entire area of Supply Chain. I worked at Dule Energy for 2 years, and than I came back to Smec, where I had (and keep having) the opportunity to know the world of mining, copper and gold. As a consultant, I´ve been in many mines in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico as well. I never thought I would work in those field. I liked it a lot and I think it's a job those opened my mind to the mine industry and specifically gave me the opportunity to know many models of supply chain areas. When I'm not working I like starting things. That's right! I have several books I started reading, several projects shelved, and several studies by half. Also, I do not give up having around my friends, who are few, but they are the best I could have. Interesting that most of them are away, or I am away from them, but still there is the friendship. Another thing I do not give up is always going out, visiting places, traveling, finding a good restaurant. And Santiago is amazing for this. Sometimes the best is staying at home even with a good wine and good music. If you have company, even better. Future? I think is not so good to talk very much about it. We reap what we sow. I try to reap what I want to spoon. I think there are many courses I want to do, many places to visit and many people to know. Each season of the life we have a person. And there are times you have no one. I'm in the moment of being with someone, but I'm still letting life drives me, “Carpe Diem”.

  • Work
    • Smec Chile
  • Education
    • Bachelor in Business Administration