Kevin Alves

Massachusetts USA

In the year 1989 Kevin Alves was born illegitimately to a pack of traveling gypsys. Days later, he was sent down the Rio Cavado of northern Portugal in a woven wicker basket. After weeks of treacherous seas, he was picked up by compassionate Dutch merchants on course to trade silk and spices in the ports of Boston Massachusetts. When there he was taken in by a family of type cutters and printers, This was the beginning of his love affair with letters and design.

After hating high school for a number of years, he finally fulfilled his dream of going off to art school. He entered the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2009 and then a few years later did the most noble thing any art student can do - drop out. Since then he has not skipped one day of pure, self directed learning, has developed his own distinct idiom as a designer, Quit his day job as a barista, drank more coffee than any healthy human should, stayed up nights and, in general, worked his ass off.

When Kevin is not working he's designing for fun, drawing letters, collaging, playing candy land with his daughter, reading, riding bikes, drinking coffee.

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