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Alvi Beauty Care was founded by Ms. Alvi Tan (M.Sc) and her father, Prof. Kee Huat Tan (M.Sc). Ms Alvi Tan was a supervisor of flight attendants in Emirates Airline and spent 12 years traveling around the world. Through her flight attendant journey in the Middle East, she came across this organically advanced argan oil from Morocco that imparts plenty of benefits to everyone; from baby to adults, male to female, the young and elderly.

The use of argan oil by the Berber people who are indigenous to North Africa, having taken up residency in many parts of this region, including but not limited to the Moroccan coastline where Argan trees are grown. Berber women have been using unroasted argan oil in their beauty rituals for a long time, and not just for the skin. It works great on the nails and hair too, for that lustrous shine we all wish for.

The beneficial quality of argan oil is most evident in the manner in which it cares for your skin. Thanks to it’s core active ingredients, skin is nourished and repaired and ready for the day ahead. Working in tandem, an extraordinarily high levels of Omega-9, Omega-6 and Sterols imbued into this miracle potion provides the additional, all-important anti-aging properties to your skin — resulting in a mega boost in firmness and renewal, besides being better at combatting wrinkles!

Ms. Alvi was surprised with the results of this miracle oil and has been using it during all her travel for more than 10 years. She then decided to introduce this miracle oil to her fellow people back home in Malaysia.

Holding firm to the core values – Trust, Value and Friendliness, Alvi Beauty Care has embraced the trust from consumers and strive relentlessly to deliver the best service to our customers. The best award and motivation for Alvi Beauty Care is our customers’ satisfaction.