Cora Alvillar/ Vintageortacky

East Bay Area, Ca

Cora Alvillar is the Evil Genius behind the YouTube Beauty & Fashion channel Vintageortacky, as well as Cora is a Pink-Peacock, 20 something, plus sized, active and sarcastic California native. Cora grew up in the Central Valley & the San Francisco North Bay area and currently lives in the East Bay. Cora is a Wife, Sister, Daughter, Auntie, Friend and all around awesome gal. In addition to Vlogging, Blogging, and just generally being awesome, Cora also works as a freelance makeup artist doing everything from personal lessons, to bridal and has even worked for HGTV.

Cora is not your run of the mill YouTube Beauty Guru, her personal style could be described as “Alternative Glam” with a penchant for vintage, and a soft spot for color. Cora Has been keeping her popular YouTube Channel Vintageortacky going for 7+ years and shows no signs of slowing down. Cora’s beauty videos focus on teaching techniques and tricks she’s picked up as a working makeup artist, as well as dishing out product reviews, hauls and shopping advice she’s cultivated from years of being a bonafide product junkie. Her fashion videos range from clothing hauls, Try-On videos, Outfit of the Days, to style and shapewear tips. Cora’s YouTube channel encourages viewers to just be themselves, and embrace who they are; She believes every man & woman is beautiful, confidence is your sexiest accessory, and unlocking your confidence can be as easy as Smoky eyes, a Red Lip or the PERFECT pair of jeans.

In her free time Cora enjoys reading, marathon Netflixing, coffee snobbery, collecting vintage jewelry, cooking, decorating, shopping, making googly eyes at her husband Michael, and cooing in a baby voice to her pet chinchilla, Tripod. And makeup. ALL THE MAKEUP!!!!

Social Media Reach as of July 2014

YOUTUBE Channel 310k Subscibers, 35.6 Million Views
TWITTER 25k Followers
INSTAGRAM 36k Followers

  • Work
    • Makeup Artist
  • Education
    • Solano Community College