Alvin Aquino

Bay Area, California

Alvin Aquino was born in the Philippines and grew up in San Jose, California. His interest is studying philosophy and writing poetry and love aesthetics.

Alvin studied Mass Communication in Devry University but did not finish because he wants to follow a calling. Alvin sees the power of art to make the world a brighter place to live. He is a solitary adventurer and a self-learner and prefers to work alone to have a peace of mind and unleash his full potential by having a free mind.

Alvin owns a proprietorship company - Withintensity Touch- an art company providing positive thought to everyone.
'In this way I can do something good for the world as I move towards future success and help more people around the world.'

I always want to put positive message towards the arts I made. A picture contains a thousand words and an art truly speaks a silent voice within but a masterpiece is speechless.

I believe that being creative is being one with the divine; we became one with ourselves. I always wanted to bring all these vivid imagination and concrete ideas into life. With poetry and creative arts I have the ability to express all of these and make it come true.

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