Alvina Cloete

London, United Kingdon

My interest and passion in fat loss, metabolism and nutrition stems from my years of being a scientist majoring in microbiology and biochemistry followed up with applied biotechnology. Even though virology and immunology were my favourite subjects I opted to write my final dissertation in human genetics as gene expression is after all the core of it all.

A few years ago I rounded off my education gaining a Master’s Personal Training as well as a Coaching qualification. I specialize in Fat Loss, Body Sculpting and 12 Week Online Body Transformations. More recently I have entered the realms of competitive bodybuilding as a bikini competitor, challenging myself even further with my personal physique goals leveraging everything I know about fat loss nutrition, advanced supplementation, building and sculpting muscle, enhancing symmetry.

In dealing with all my clients, family, friends, colleagues and peers I’ve come to the realization that what I consider general knowledge or common sense is not at all the case. There is a huge gap in basic education where diet, nutrition and exercise are concerned. This encouraged me to create this product website and write my first book, Are you Obese or Overweight? Discover 7 Healthy Eating Habits to Burn Body Fat Fast…Feel Happier…Healthier…Bursting with Energy! will expose myths and truths of the food industry, fitness industry and display the best products on the market to improve your health, decrease your risk of disease and increase longevity.

I welcome you to contact me and ask any questions related to nutrition, fat loss, exercise and supplementation after reading my book which explains so much with what is going wrong with your body and the real reasons you are fighting a losing battle living the way you are. Once you get your head around needing to be healthy in order to lose weight and NOT lose weight in order to be healthy. You, like my clients will achieve mind blowing results in record time, drastically changing the quality of all aspects of your life, for the better.

Alvina Cloete BSc (Hons)

Master Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Author and Bikini Competitor