Alvin Cheon

My name is Alvin, and I was born in New York on February 20th, 1994. I moved to Georgia in 2004, and it was quite a shocking experience. Lush green fields and vegetation replaced the concrete bars I grew up with, and everything simply seemed brighter. I was bit of a miscreant and a poor student prior to my transfer to Georgia, but new friends and environments helped mold a better person. As my interest towards my studies grew, I looked forward to shaping my future. During seventh grade, I decided that I wanted to be a physician.

A job in the medical field comes with respect, money, and, in my opinion, fulfillment. Each person is a little bit different, and every body reacts to different illnesses, ailments, or disorders in a unique way. Even though the human body remains static in design, diseases evolve, and treatment is a constant challenge. Some things remain undiagnosed or are deemed untreatable, but they all continue to serve as a part of the complexities of the exhilarating field of medicine.

Currently, I'm just trying to get through my classes and figure out the best choices for my life. I like fencing, music, cats, and free time, and I intend on trying out for UGA's Rowing/Crew. Hopefully, I will find the type of experience I was expecting when I chose UGA instead of GATech.

Go Dawgs!