Alvin Gibson

Orlando, Florida

Born in Rockford, IL in 1991, Alvin Rasha’d Gibson has been in the film industry since 2006. He began this journey in the HD Studio Production at Auburn High School. While there he was afforded the opportunity to gather experience through producing many live events and concerts for the city of Rockford, the public school district and some surrounding states.

As a Unit Production Manager, Gibson has shown the motivation and ambition to not only get the job done but produce a very focused and knowledgable crew. His busy savvy, professionalism and reliability enables him to seamlessly deal with many different personalities and situations yet still yield quality results. Know enough of the business to stay under budget and enough push to get things done on time, if not early.

Having the mind and essence of the producer, with the reliability, organization, and tolerance of a unit production manager; Gibson has dealt with many unprofessional personalities and situations, but has not made any difference to the talent or quality of the work produced by Alvin R. Gibson.

Motivated and upcoming film producer and full-time student with over four years experience; attentive to detail, able to take initiative, prioritize multiple tasks and manage heavy workloads; resourceful and respectful team player with a can-do attitude.

  • Work
    • NuProdigy Media, Inc.
  • Education
    • Master Of Science (Entertainment Business)
    • Bachelor Of Science (Film Production)
    • Rockford Auburn High School