Alvin Merrifield

Entrepreneur and information technology executive Alvin Middlefield serves as the CEO of 3-Fi Limited, a global network service provider and technology development firm he founded in 2008. Alvin Merrifield created 3-Fi Limited as a modest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) company based in Atlanta, Georgia, and applied his acute business acumen and skills as a concept developer to expand the company’s size, scope, product offerings, services, and infrastructure. Today, 3-Fi Limited manufactures a variety of mobile communications devices in China and maintains a large telecommunications network with points-of-presence around the globe. Alvin Merrifield and his team develop software applications that utilize the massive 3-Fi Limited private IP network to provide affordable communications options for customers via fixed and mobile devices, social networks, and IP-based systems.

A highly regarded innovator in his field, Alvin Merrifield receives credit for creating the first VoIP cellular device able to support video over a 3G network. Alvin Merrifield also launched in 2010, enabling members of the free social network to communicate through video chat, messaging, and conferencing without downloading any software. The website also boasts myriad user-friendly features, such as an online store, games, instant messaging, file sharing, and free worldwide calling. Most recently, Alvin Merrifield introduced Facebook Connect, a convenient feature that allows members of the popular social networking site to join without completing an online membership form.

Prior to founding 3-Fi Limited, Alvin Merrifield held several positions in the financial services industry, working as a banker and investment broker. Alvin Merrifield previously served as the Chairman and CEO of Boon Tree, Inc. and played an important role in the development of the firm’s online trading platform. An alumnus of the SCS Business and Technical Institute in New York, Alvin Merrifield studied business finance and IT management, graduating with a degree in computer science. Alvin Merrifield lives in Johns Creek, Georgia, with his wife and their two children.