Alvin Carter

Jackson, Mississippi

Any views or opinions presented on this page doesn't represent those of Hinds County Human Resource Agency. A Tarus is earthy, grounded, in touch with the body; sensual, pleasure seeking; stubborn, fixed, stands their ground; provides stamina and persistance; slow, steady, methodical; fertile, and productive. They are determined and peaceful and generally against fighting, but will if provoke. They're temper tends to explode in violent bursts that are not always directed at the person they should be........ Rasons to date a MASON. 10)He is always willing to learn 9) He is well traveled 8) He always looks towards the light 7) He is a Man of his word 6) He takes positive from every negitive 5) He probably cares more about you then himself 4) He strives for perfection in every aspect of life 3) His actions are not just game it is his personality 2) He puts the seat down when he is done using it. 1) Nothing makes him more happy then being with you! unto you.....

  • Work
    • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Education
    • Madison Central High School
    • Jackson State University