Alvin Teo

Alvin is an experienced marketer who has been harnessing the power of technology for businesses and a passionate social media follower. He is currently the Director for MagiQuestions Consulting, a firm specialising in new and social media marketing solutions.

Having started his career 14 years ago as an IT Consultant and Trainer in U.S.A. in the field of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, Alvin has held senior positions in marketing and communications in MNCs, constantly seeking out ways of harnessing the power of technology for better efficiency and effectiveness. Naturally when the social media boom came about, he latched on to it like a fish takes to water. He developed and managed successful social media marketing campaigns, effectively driving brand awareness, engagement and web traffic for lead generation. Alvin was able to achieve strong, visible social media presence and delivered high returns on investment on the new platform. Additionally he continuously monitored and measured the social media marketing strategies to determine rate of return, then identified and tap into new channels to optimize ROI and fuel revenue growth.

Alvin graduated from Rutgers University (U.S.A.) with a Bachelor of Science double majoring in Marketing and Economics, with a minor in Physics. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication Management with University of South Australia.