Alvin Yeh

Las Vegas, Nevada

Life Style Entrepreneur Alvin Yeh has a proven knack for maneuvering himself into the right position at the best possible moment. Coupled with nearly two decades in the hospitality industry, he's only built momentum towards an ever more impressive and exemplary career. Yeh was at the forefront of the burgeoning Las Vegas nightclub scene in the late 90's. Nightclubs such as Mandalay Bay's Rum Jungle exemplified the paradigm shift in the industry towards large, modern, hotel-based mega-clubs. Yeh was one of the few forward-thinking, young minds involved which further pushed the boundaries and scale of the adult playground. After being recruited by China Grill at Mandalay Bay's Rum Jungle, Yeh cut his teeth on the finer points of the industry while helping build a successful brand. Finding his niche, Yeh made lateral moves in the business, getting involved in all aspects of bar operations at both MGM Grand's Studio 54 and Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club in 2000. Yeh's rapidly expanding service portfolio led him back to the MGM Grand, having been called upon this time to open Tabu Ultra Lounge. His work as the integral member of their Door and VIP host program garnered the attention, once again, of China Grill Management, as well as world-renowned Chef Alain Ducasse, who personally recruited him to open Mix Nightclub at Mandalay Bay. Ever keeping momentum, Yeh managed to prove his worth twice over when casino mogul Steve Wynn came calling, opening and managing both Le Bête and Lure nightclubs at the Five-Star Wynn Resort Las Vegas in 2005. By this point, Las Vegas had reached an apex in its nightlife industry and keystone players such as Yeh we're able to leverage their experience and ability into a commodity. Yeh would once again be working with Spearmint Rhino, this time overseeing the entire $40 million a year operation. Then, in 2006, Yeh took his first major entrepreneurial step, purchasing and opening Pearl Ultra Lounge in Honolulu while serving as it's GM. Yeh's talents and his passion for music, entertainment, fashion, and DJ culture molded Pearl into a major vector for nightlife, and with it, the entire Honolulu social scene. In 2008, to the good fortune of Yeh, the former VP of Entertainment at MGM and a consortium of investors headed the joint ventures Waikiki Nei and Level4 nightclub. Along with associate Roy Tokujo, Yeh was chosen to spearhead the $22 million venture as Executive Director of Operations. As further testament to Alvin Yeh's value,

  • Work
    • Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • Moanalua High School
    • University of Nevada, Las Vegas