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Alwan Travel and Tourism provides travellers with an ideal introduction to Oman, the jewel of the Middle East. Co-founder Talal Al Rawahi explains, “Alwan means ‘colour’ in Arabic, and our name reflects the diversity of the Oman experience; from its mountains, to the sea, the desert, and our rich cultural heritage. Oman is known as the paradise of the Gulf, and we are here to facilitate your trips into Oman by offering services from A to Z – whether that be finding the ideal hotel for your, or providing you with personalised tour packages and airport transfers.”

Established in 2006, Alwan Travel and Tourism plays a leading role in spurring on the development of Oman’s fast-developing tourism sector. The company offers organized tours, airport pick-up and drop-off services, rentals of a wide fleet of vehicles, ticket and hotel reservations, and other travel services. Mr. Al Rawahi says, “Our clients range from individuals and families to corporate clients coming to Oman from all around the world. We also serve Omanis travelling abroad. We are a one-stop shop for travellers.”

Wide range of organized tours and travel services

Alwan Travel and Tourism has a full range of organized tours for visitors to choose from. These include desert safaris, luxury tours, adventure trips and trekking holidays, study tours, dhow cruises and sunset cruises, fishing expeditions, diving and snorkelling excursions, dolphin-watching trips and self-drive holidays. Mr. Al Rawahi points out, “We offer our clients anything they might need, and we have extensive experience serving corporate customers.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and on exceeding our clients’ expectations.”

Alwan Travel and Tourism is set for continued growth in Oman and eventually throughout the region. The company’s reputation for personalized service and its diverse travel offerings make it the tour operator of choice for international visitors to Oman.

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