I am a writer, because it is my passion. I think that writing is an art and can be accomplished by anybody. I always have new things to say and write, and I take inspiration from news, books, movies etc. to help my writing grow and change. It gives me oppurtunity to really put myself out there and show what I am capable of. I am a dreamer and I dream big, and I want all the good I can find in my life. I hope that my words can inspire others, as well as bring attention to the latest issues that bother us all. My biggest thing is to always understand that we can find good in the everday, and just always remember that no matter what somebody is having a worse day than you are. Never take anything for granted, and put everything you have into your dreams. Accomplish them and learn from them. Writing helps me do that, and I really hope those who read it can enjoy it as well.