Holly Marissa

I'm Holly. And first thing. I hate my name. I go by Marissa, my middle name. Wanna get on my bad side right away? Call me Holly. I'm 18. Natural redhead. Dyed blonde. Currently brunette. Blue eyes. Definitely fun-size! Quarter Mexican, but definitely don't look like it! I am a Christian. No I'm not religious. I just have a (soon to be strong) relationship with my Creator. I have a terrible time putting together my scrambling thoughts... my family thinks this is because when I was three my cousin dumped me off the top of a little tikes riding car and into the street on my head... that caused a little damage. I tend to stutter occasionally, but I talk so fast it's hard to notice. I also have echolalia which is the occasional repeating of words, sounds, or phrases that I hear from others. It's also called "Parrot Syndrome." I'm quiet, until I'm REALLY comfortable with you. I'm gonna move to Texas. I love that place and the people there. love the beach. I love body surfing. I love SUN! I sing anywhere at anytime usually accompanied by horrible white girl dancing. I'm a competitive dancer of 16 years. I've been playing the violin since I was nine. I love to read. I'm a Harry Potter freak. I waited in line for every book on release night. Huge fan of guys with really blue or green eyes. Taller than me of course or they'd have to be a midget. I'm a total hippie. I love it. I'm not girly by any means. I have my moments but I'm definitely stuck in the middle of tomboy and girly. I wanna be a child psychologist, but I hate homework. I'm friendly, loud, too nice, giggly, silly, awkward, clumsy, gullible, funny, passionate, artsy, creative, anxious, strong, a fighter, stubborn as hell, accepting and non-judgmental, understanding... and I love people and friends. I love to meet new people. I hate snakes, spiders, GIRLY GIRLS, stereotypes, judgmental close-minded ignorant people, mirrors, off tv's, wells, clowns, clingy people, racists, pessimists, coke and diet soda, the color PINK... I'm addicted to coffee, tumblr, texting, Pepsi, and tie-dye. I love life. I have my moments of "waahh wahh wahh" but I get over it and I move on unlike a lot of people. I'm pretty great I think... Get to know me?