Always Hungry

Actually I was born with the name Bernardine in September 30, 1997. I'm a typical kind of likely-insecure girl that I've never been so confident to talk in public and tbh telling people 'about me' stuff is one of my weakness.

When I was a little I used to be one of those mean girls you usually meet in every corner of school hall. But when I entered high school, I end up look like a geeky nerd whom people think I got the level of intelligent overload that I can't even teach others how to solve the school subject's problems. I was a honor roll student at the 3rd term. I never know why. Ever since I decleared my self that I'm a lucky bastard. But it made my self-esteem lower.

I'm a little table-vandal who like to draw the eye things and words that are related to my life and of course my mind which is ruined by running a sick-ass blog on tumblr.

Ok so I never good in making words. If you want to know more about me just email me. Have a great day/night!