T a r a

I search in nature spiritually and physically, a journey in which I hope to connect the two better. I'd rather live a short life abundant with great moments of happiness, then a long life with sadness and great regret. I look through my children's eyes to be reminded what I have missed along the way, for one day I will never know when it is my time to go.

I've studied Fish Wildlife, Recreation (BCIT Burnaby, BC) and Psychology (SFU, Burnaby BC), In nature as in mind...funny how I did not see this back then. We take paths for a purpose and sometimes do not know the reason till later.

My experiences in life; the good and the bad, helped and continue to shape me for whom I am today. I blog to share my thoughts and inspirations with the world, and hope whomever falls apon it will find something that we can share along our life's journey. I think we are shaped by both our experiences and gentics, but always have choices no matter our past. The opportunity for happiness exsists and peace can be found. With saying this, I wish you peace as I search also and whether our spirits connect now, or later, our "Life Flows Like A River Back to Itself". Just some of my thoughts... Tara