Al Lewis

Al Lewis
The Product Coach
... Bringing the art of Product Management to a high tech world

Marketing, Business Strategy, & Product Management

I have a background in marketing, product marketing, product management and business strategy.I deliver results that impact both the revenue/sales and net income through marketing excellence and effective execution of marketing strategies.

I have a wide range of experience in technology and tech related product lines. I can bring fresh perspectives to business plans, develop new strategic visions, and create viable market plans. I am particularly good translating what a less technical market needs into requirements that engineers and software developers can build … then working with engineering to get the product features in timely manner and on budget … then translating the features back into benefits that customers cannot wait to buy. I am good a marshalling the resources for a product launch and managing a full portfolio of products throughout their life cycles. And I bring a strong understanding of positioning and branding to technology markets. I am a team player and my management style is coach. I have high energy and thrive on being excited about breakthrough products and applications.