Al Woods

My name is Al Woods and I’m the president of Woods Recruiting. Woods Recruiting has been in business since August, 1989. I have helped thousands of high school athletes get recruited and placed in college programs. The college recruiting process is not easy; it is extremely challenging because there are many twists and turns in the process therefore, it is important to have an experienced college recruiter working throughout this challenging process of going from high school athlete to college athlete. As a college recruiter I have had many conversations with college coaches so I am very aware of how the process works from beginning to end. There are thousands of college recruiting websites all over the internet all claiming to be experienced college recruiters. Many of these recruiting websites are flashy and they may be interesting to look at but you can talk to me, one on one. My experience as a college recruiter goes all the way back to my years as a high school basketball player to my realizing how the process did not work for me or many of my teammates coming out of high school.