Alwyn Thomas

New York, New York, United States

Alwyn Thomas is an intuitive healer and diviner. In the U.S, Mr. Thomas facilitates lectures, workshops and trainings in understanding our gifts from a West African perspective. He currently co-facilitates around the country in Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies with Dr. Malidoma Somé who is author of several seminal books on African spirituality, including "Ritual: Power, Healing and Community", "Of Water and The Spirit", and "The Healing Wisdom of Africa". He also frequently travels internationally, studying culture and spirituality worldwide, including recent trips to India and the Philippines. When not living in the U.S., Mr. Thomas lives in Ghana, where he continues to explore and learn from traditional healers. He also facilitates healing work, retreats and spiritual trips to Ghana & Burkina Faso to rekindle the interest of nature's wisdom.

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    • CEO of The Spiritual Technology Corp.