Alx Alfaro

From a review of Music & Rhythms of the World:

Alx Alfaro is a Peruvian composer, musician, music producer and DJ. He has created a highly successful blend of rhythms from afro-peruvian to salsa, cumbia, chicha, flamenco, latin funk and jazz fusion. He was born in Cuzco - Peru the capital of the Inca Empire, and has been performing since his childhood. He has devoted his life to the study of music completing Degrees in Music Production, Jazz and Contemporary Music.; he is a multi instrumentalist playing bass, guitar, charango, djembé, congas, timbales, and numerous latin percussion instruments, aswell as ethnic instruments from his country like the Sikus (pampipes), quenas (andean flutes) ethnic percussion and many more to name. He runs MusicaMundo Ltd which provides different services around the music business aswell as Music Workshops for schools, colleges, universities, INSET and community-based music-making projects. He is one of the very few latinmusicians who has successfully crossed over into other different genres of music. Alx spends time each year in South America to keep in touch with his routes, he enjoys photography, he is doing a Masters in Music at Newcastle University and is writing his first book.