Alx Uttermann

West Los Angeles, CA, USA

Master healer (specializing in PTSD, chronic disease, depression/anxiety plus other severe issues), minister, meditation/spiritual teacher, nutritional consultant & wellness entrepreneur, Alx brings a full spectrum of techniques & tools to create healing, balance, peace of mind, & wellness to others.

- Available for personal healing sessions, either in person or via distance healing/Skype, anywhere in the world. Healing sessions are always free for veterans, esp with PTSD.

- Entrepreneur in the health/wellness field, helping to share Zeal For Life, an unparalleled wellness product with stunning long-and-short-term health benefits.

- Yoga & meditation on the beach in sunny Santa Monica, California! Every Tuesday & Wednesday mornings...!

- Animal Whisperer, talking with cats & dogs, helping pet owners & pets gain more understanding, clear communication, mutual healing & easier behaviors.

- New book of spiritual poems, 'wafting toward heaven,' available on Amazon for Kindle & smart-phone plus Kindle apps on any device!

- Performs weddings - specializes in tailoring special, sacred, unforgettable ceremonies to the needs of the couple. Adept with any religion, spiritual path, or interfaith ceremonies.

- Trained in South India for many years, with top healing master Sri Kaleshwar, emerging with hundreds of miraculous healing techniques & a wide body of practical knowledge from ancient India.

- Co-founded UCBK (Santa Cruz, & Los Angeles, CA) in 2007, training hundreds of healers, faciliating healings, working to address homelessness &a

  • Work
    • Healer, Minister, Wellness Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • Bard College, UCLA, Cabrillo College, Sri Kaleshwar Soul University