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Ali Shahid

Dubai, United Arab Emires

Ali is a tech savvy creative, who’s a strategist at heart with a love for social media, analytics and innovative technology. He’s a social media strategist who understands social media is more than "likes, fan pages & hashtags".

He believes there’s a huge difference between experimenting in social media by making a Facebook page, getting a couple of friends and telling them what you're doing that day and actually engaging your customers, building your brand, cultivating prospects, selling products and making awareness with social media. We all know social media because that's ALL we do 24/7.

He believes starting with the correct strategy that links business objectives, community needs and business trends is the foundation for being successful in the social media world. It is the ever-changing social media world you need to start with a good foundation, only then does bringing in the right tool make sense to the equation.

Social media strategy has become an increasingly larger part of the work that he do. He is able to initiate business plans, roadmaps and address market opportunities.

Ali frequently speaks about social media and its impact on how we interact and conduct business. He constantly get amazed by the people he have met personally and professionally and by the opportunities that have come only because of social media.

Ali believes there is value in every conversation, so feel free to reach out. He looks forward to connecting.

  • Education
    • Masters in Strategic Marketing & Media Communications