Aly Wickemeyer

Although all of my strengths given to me are very accurate, the strength that I think best represents me is "Achiever." This strength helps explain my drive and constant need for some type of achievement. By the end of every day, I feel as though i must achieve at least one thing that I set my mind to. This is not only the power that causes me to set the pace and levels of productivity, but it's also the theme that keeps me moving. I strive to be close to the best in most things I do, whether it'd be school related or not, so I think this strength represents me the best.

I found the first year success series meetings to be actually very helpful, at least the ones that I went to. Being a freshman, I need all of the guidance I can get, and these meetings did just that. They helped me with things regarding my major and other things that I currently am, or may be interested in in the future. Another thing I found very helpful this semester was the curriculum plan activity. This is something that I'll be needing to do a lot in the future as well as this semester. It helped me figure out what classes I would need to take next semester and the many semesters to come. I learned how to get my degree audit and use that to process schedules for the many semesters to come.