Alyaa A. Ezzat

A unique Egyptian soul living with a dear father who is about to celebrate his 30th anniversary in the kingdom. The last baby girl born in the year 1985 in Riyadh was me.

In 2010, i graduated from King Saud University medical school with a Top rank and a first honor degree. I joined Riyadh Ophthalmology Program in October 2011. wohoo! i am an Ophthalmologist ! :)

I learned to read in order to live, write in order to breathe, and spread positive thinking among my people ( who are basically everyone i come to know :) ) Poetry, reading, writing, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, photography, songs and music, and coffee are the things i enjoy the most. I hate injustice, hypocrisy, corruption and fight desperation, surrender, negative feelings and thoughts.

I need to specialize in reading/writing and find my way in this creative wide world and strongly wish to be part of getting our Palestine back.

I am in love with French, looking for a good centre nearby to break the ice.

In short, i am an ambitious Muslim whose primary secret is trying to be as much closer to her almighty Allah.