London, Riyadh.

A 19 years old girl, who is hoping and still willing to give life a meaning before she dies.

Still looking for the best and perfect in everything. even if it doesn't come as you want. Laughs in the face of any person regardless of my pain. truly, "I found happiness away from young minds".

I like change, in everything. seeking behind myself not people makes me better. the happiness road, is to live for your family first, yourself second and for lovers third. without letting people affect on you.

I Call myself a second mother to my brothers and sisters. being surrounded with family is a blessing i didn't feel it until i lost it and being away from them taught me how to manage a lot of things, but seeing them okay is the most important reason for my comfort.

Me and education are in conflict so far, so i'm trying to deal with it.

i love truly and faithfully, that is why I had problems from a lot of hypocrites. Allah yb3dna 3nhom.

Ambitious to be a dentist and a pianest one day.InshaAllah. i'm looking to travel to many and many places in the future with the people i love. not yet interested in any kind of sports. hoping to discover my hobby at the earliest time. The smell of Arabic Coffee always puts me in a good mood. .

My tweets and retweets are about everything and some of them mentioned security of my heart..

lastly, believing in Allah and satisfaction with the ability, are the most important reasons for comfort, success and happiness..