Alya Al-Ammari

My name's Alya Saud Al-Ammari. I'm currently in 10th grade at Ibn Khuldoon National School in Bahrain. I'm the Executive Administrative Officer (EAO) of Bahrain for THIMUN O-MUN!

I am half Saudi Arabian, half English, and I enjoy playing the piano and ukulele, participating in sports like basketball and volleyball, and reading. I have a great passion for the sciences and mathematics.

I've been involved in MUN for 3 years now, starting in 8th grade. I've participated in BAYMUN (Bahrain), PAMUN (Paris), and the Qatar Leadership Conference, as well as attended THIMUN Qatar as a guest of O-MUN's. I enjoy model UN immensely, and am excited to expand O-MUN in Bahrain and the Gulf.

Feel free to contact me any time through email or facebook!