Alya Bejaoui

Student and singer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Hi! I'm Alya. I’m a student at Ryerson University studying Creative Industries. I’m also someone who is passionate about change and transformation of the human condition through the arts. One of the biggest connections I have been impacted by is my relationship with music. After training in Indian classical vocal followed by Western classical vocal training for a total of 12 years, I can safely say that I am experienced and ready to collaborate with musicians originating from anywhere in the world from all music backgrounds. Diversity and fusion are what bring me to life musically. Some genres that I love to sing include pop, R&B, jazz and ballads.

I also studied Indian classical Kathak dance for 6 years and embarked on 4 years of high school theatre where I choreographed, acted and danced in a total of 5 productions. More recently, I have sung with Bollywood musician duo Salim & Sulaiman and was honoured to perform as a part of an octet at the inauguration of the Aga Khan Park in Toronto.

I believe that music has the power to connect to something inside of us that is unexplainable. Knowing this, I feel I have a responsibility to enhance the lives of as many people as possible using my talents. I am determined to see my music light up lives in ways that have been unseen and unheard of.

I will be musically debuting this summer by releasing an EP and I am looking forward to reaching as many people as possible with my message. In the meantime, I invite you to view my LinkedIn Profile and communicate with me!

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