Alya Harizsa Maudina

Bandung, Indonesia

Unlikely most people here, i'm just a small one. Unlikely most people who have reached the top, i'm still walking on the side of the crowded street. Yeah, i'm still studying. I'm a culinary high school student. I'm now still on the third semester. 3 more semesters to finish high school and then 3 more years on the hospitality institute. Such a long journey to reach the top, isn't it?

Cooking is my passion. Cooking is an unlimited hobby to me.

I love the internet life. But sometimes it bores me up too. I love the people on the internet, only the fun ones i mean.

I love photo hunting, yeah, i'm the object too. I love it, but i don't have a passion to be a pro. I mean, who would gimme a contract on modelling? None of modelling agency would ask me to sign a paper tho.

More about my food, instagram. I love telling story through photos.

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