Alyce Green

Silicon Valley, CA

I am a "native daughter" of California born to two academic research scientists, one of whom came to the US in her 20s on a Fulbright Scholarship. My brothers and sisters and I have always called California home, but have had the amazing opportunity to travel to and live on several continents. I was raised to always ask "why", to think deeply and critically about all ranges of topics, and to seek out new and sometimes uncharted waters. But I was the "creative one". I studied dance and vocal performance in my youth, and developed a love for design in my late teens. It is from these roots that I have built a career.

I have 15+ years of experience in the Design and User Experience fields. I have a degree in Design from UCLA, and over the years I have held and/or managed nearly every role in the design and development process, giving me a breadth of knowledge to draw from when building and leading interdisciplinary teams. I bring deep expertise in design research and strategy, creative direction and am adept at understanding, managing and supporting all activities across the human-centered design process.

With this toolbox, and my ability to engage a broad range of roles into the process (both inside and outside an organization), I lead interdisciplinary teams to breathe life into opportunity spaces. I facilitate concept development and refinement techniques to quickly iterate through possible solutions and construct a roadmap for a viable product offering. Fostering innovation means being grounded in business imperatives and leveraging the empathy, rigor and creativity of a designer to navigate through a problem to desirable and delightful solutions.

  • Work
    • CO(2)IN
  • Education
    • California College of the Arts
    • UCLA
    • Santa Clara University