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Alycia Wong

Born in California and raised in Vancouver, BC, Alycia is a true West Coast girl through and through. Recognized by her unmistakable smile and carefree nature, there's no stopping her zeal for positively impacting those around her.

Alycia is a BCom Marketing Graduate from the Sauder School of Business (UBC), actively looking to make her mark on the world. A jack-of-all-trades since childhood, she loves the process of creation, revels in being challenged by things she cannot yet do and is passionate about all things dance, fashion, film, travel, fitness and food.

While she may have hung up her pointe shoes, you can still find her busting a move on the dance floor, striking a bargain at markets around the world or casually appearing as a Background Performer in any locally shot TV show or Feature Movie.

Take a peek at some of her most recent Marketing work here, here and here.